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Walmart and Miss Louie – 15 Tank Tops Commercial (composer)

I had the privilege of working with the YouTube star and fashionista Miss Louie, also know as Erica Louie, on a collaborative video with Walmart for their Faded Glory Tank Top Collection. I learned some fun new fashion tips when working with the talented Erica.

YouTube - 15 Tank Tops to Brighten Your Closet


Magellan International School Song (composer)

Music is all about sharing the beauty and joy that it offers with others. I had the opportunity to create the school song for Austin, Texas' Magellan International School - an International Baccalaureate World School with Primary and Middle School programs providing Spanish and Mandarin instruction.

It was a challenge for me to create the song because I had to integrated Spanish, Mandarin, and English seamlessly in the lyrics that students from Kindergarten to Middle School could understand and sing. I had a lot of fun teaching and speaking with the students during my visit at the school. I was asked some very adorable questions like: "how do you get music from your head to paper," and "are you rich?" 

Visit YouTube for Kindergarten Class Singing Song

Visit YouTube for 1st-5th Graders Singing Song

Photo Gallery // 2012

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Neil Lives His Dream (composer/performer)

This was one of my first feature films working with very funny, talented, and forward-thinking directors and writers, Amanda Wilgus and Daniel Hayden of Broken Wind Productions. 

The film follows the story of a man named Fenton Hansen who finds that his life may become something extraordinary when he's recruited to join a lip-synch band.

Wallpaper Series, Scene 2 + Art collaboration (composer)

Janaye Brown is a New York-based artist who uses video technology that focus on banal situations in order to "act as catalysts for contemplation while summoning previous experience and thought." I really enjoyed collaborating with her on her "Wallpaper Series" art videos in 2013.

Mountain Fall (composer)

"Mountain Fall" was a short I scored for director and writer Sean Corbin from Austin, Texas, about two amateur hikers, Alice and Dave, who accidentally take a wrong step and fall off a cliff. The two have to find a way to survive without any help, despite being gravely injured. Music doesn't come in until the end.