Movement Tracks Project (lead biomedical music composer)

Official 2018 SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards Finalist



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Cassie's current focus is creating compositions utilizing brain-based music technology in collaboration with Austin's Center for Music Therapy. She recently spoke at SXSW 2017 on this topic, "Movement Tracks: Where Biotech and Music Converge." You can view the panel here. The project recently won an award from the Intelligent Health Association which was presented by Austin's Mayor Steve Adler to Cassie and the team during SXSW. 

The Movement Tracks Project is a project of the Center for Music Therapy, Inc. based in Austin, TX. This project designs music and music technologies to integrate with biomedical systems and devices used in treatment to make walking possible for all of humanity, and that includes people that have Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, children with cerebral palsy, adults who suffered head injury, etc. The power of our music and our technologies makes it possible for them to walk more efficiently more effectively even when many of them have been told they are never going to walk.

Movement Tracks Project is a collaboration between therapists and musicians to create new methods in music composition and recording, utilizing brain-based music technology to help people walk again. The Movement Track’s team, whom includes: Producer & Owner/President of The Center for Music Therapy, Hope Young; Lead Composer, Cassie Shankman; Head Engineer, Steven Bartlett; Lead Music Therapist, Emily Morris; Lead Researcher and Physical Therapist, Dr. Kristen Barta; and media producer Andrew Gonzales, have made historic original musical recordings for use in biotechnologies, to help specifically, children with Cerebral palsy and adults with Parkinson’s to walk better and reduce falls. This project utilizes music’s power as a core catalyst in restoring, maintaining, and enhancing health through biotechnology.

The Movement Tracks Project has successfully partnered with Biodex Medical System on the integration of this original medical music into Biodex’s GT3 (Gait Trainer 3)*, which is being used by patients and therapists all over the world for treatment. The biomedical music recordings are licensed specifically for use with biotechnologies such as the Biodex system. The compositions have a precise design meant to merge with the advanced analytics embedded within the GT3 system, making the treatment more personalized for the patients using it. The music not only makes it a more enjoyable treatment experience, but it also helps improve the overall outcomes.

*Press release (Biodex Releases NEW Gait Trainer 3: First Ever Gait Training Treadmill to Integrate Music Therapy)


The Team

This is a photo of the composition team on this project including myself, producer/therapist Hope Young, and engineer Stephen Bartlett. This was taken during a session in NYC at Premier Studios. 

Premier Studios NYC

This is a photo of the board and the room we used for the first recording session for the first phase of the project. 


At Work

This was my work station for a few days in NYC in July.

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