Mark Mothersbaugh "Music for Six-Sided Keyboard" (performer)

Mark Mothersbaugh, creative polymath and founder of the band DEVO, toured Austin playing orchestral renditions of DEVO covers and his compositions for numerous films, joined by a local musical ensemble led by Graham Reynolds. This two-night sold out show was presented by The Contemporary Austin and Fusebox Festival. Local keyboard players included myself, Corey Dargel, Patryce King, Dave Madden, Charlie Magnone, and Artina McCain. 

To preview the show, check out the video below or these links that audience members took of our April 9, 2016 performances of "Round On the Ends and High in the Middle," "Newscaster Trying to Get Her Story Straight," and "Things We Need to Do Today" on YouTube. For more information about the performance, visit The Contemporary Austin's site.



Fun rehearsal for the weekend's show of "Music for Six-Sided Keyboard," presented by The Austin Contemporary Museum and Fusebox Festival.


Overhead View

Cool overheard shot of the team about the throw our music off the stage.


From the Audience

View of the show from the audience. Mark performed on the stage by manipulating the noises that came from the amps. He also interacted with us and the audience. We were considered the astronauts of a space ship trying to land the ship, and he our captain.

Photo Gallery // 2016